Links an NTFS directory to a target valid object name in Windows 2000.

LINKD Source [/D] Destination

  Source             – Displays the Windows 2000 name targeted by Source

  Source Destination – Links source directory to Destination directory or a
                       Windows 2000 device or any valid Windows 2000 name

  Source /D          – Deletes Source, regardless of whether a link exists at

  /?                 – Prints this help message

LINKD grafts (links) the target name directly into the name space at Source,
so that Source subsequently acts as a name space junction. The Source directory

must reside on a disk formatted with NTFS in Windows 2000. The destination
(the target of the link) can be any valid directory name or device name or valid

object name in Windows 2000. When the target name does not resolve to a director
or a device, open calls fail.

All characters in both the Source and Destination names must be in the ASCII
character set. Usage of arbitrary Unicode characters is not supported.

Type “LINKD /? | more” if you need to see all the help text