Windows Virtual PC 丢失“创建虚拟机”的解决方案


Some people are finding that when they install Windows Virtual PC, their Virtual Machines folder does not have the option to Create Virtual Machine.  If this happens to you – there are three options that you can try:

一些童鞋发现当他们安装VPC之后,他们的“虚拟机”目录中没有 “创建虚拟机”这个选项啦。如果这个问题发生在了你身上,你可以尝试:

  1. When in the Virtual Machines folder, press “Alt” to open the menu.  Select Tools and then Folder options…. On the dialog that is opened click Restore Defaults.  Once you have done this, log out and log back in to see if the Create Virtual Machine option is now present.
  2. If this doesn’t work – try running the registry file that is attached to this blog post, and restarting the computer.  This registry file deletes any custom settings for your folder views – and sets things back to their clean state.
  3. If neither of these options works – you can manually start the new virtual machine wizard by going to your system drive and running:
  4. “WindowsSystem32VPCWizard.exe”